From bus drivers and cafeteria workers to teachers aides and administrative support staff, there are thousands of adults who make learning in a safe, healthy, and welcoming environment possible. 

These dedicated professionals go to incredible lengths to support our students. Teachers are covering extra classes during their lunch and prep time. Principals are covering bus routes to make sure students get to school on time.

But our government is failing our state’s education professionals. 

That’s why Supt. Hoffman is a strong advocate for pay raises for teachers and education staff — including hazard pay for their heroic work to keep schools running during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s also why, when the pandemic struck, Supt. Hoffman launched the Arizona Virtual Teachers Institute. This online professional development program provides educators statewide with opportunities to learn the skills needed to thrive in digital teaching environments and meet students’ varying needs — at no cost to them or their schools. More than 13,000 educators at more than 1,200 Arizona schools have participated in the program.

In her second term, Supt. Hoffman will continue to advocate for fair compensation and benefits and other policies that support our teachers and schools staff.

Kathy Hoffman


Arizona's State Superintendent of Public Instruction | Public School Speech Therapist | Visit my official #AZSuper account @supt_hoffman