One of Superintendent Kathy Hoffman’s top priorities when she was elected in 2018 was to lower our student-to-school counselor ratio. Our students and schools deserve to have qualified school counselors with manageable caseloads so they can provide our children with the high-quality services to better their education and ensure they will succeed post graduation. Because of her tireless advocacy, our state was able to increase funding to the School Safety Grant Program to hire hundreds of counselors across our state who are serving thousands of students every single day. 

Over the past two school years, the mental health needs of our students have risen to the forefront of the Superintendent’s conversations with teachers, parents, and lawmakers. With all the challenges brought by the pandemic, we have heard clearly that the services offered by our public schools are critical to student wellbeing. Thanks to Supt. Hoffman's  leadership, Arizona's counselor-to-student ratio was cut by 20%. But there is so much work left to be done. We still have the highest school counselor to student ratio in the nation. In her second term, Superintendent Hoffman will  continue to be a champion for student mental health.