Arizona superintendent candidates: Charters need more financial oversight

"Our charter schools should be as transparent as our public district schools." She said, if elected, she will work with federal officials to ensure charter schools are properly serving students with special needs and minority students. 


Indivisible Tohono Advocates for Native American Issues

Language, culture, and heritage are inherently connected, especially within our indigenous communities. Kathy is committed to supporting bilingual education for native languages, including O’odham and Navajo, to ensure that their voices are not silenced.


'I Didn’t Really Have a Choice.' Meet the Teachers Quitting Their Jobs Due to Low Pay and Dwindling Benefits

While Kathy is leaving the classroom to run for office, there are many other teachers who have been compelled out of the classroom due to low pay and increasing demands. Along with Kathy, these teachers were featured in this in-depth research on the various reasons why qualified teachers have left  and continue to leave the education profession.


These Teachers Went On Strike. Now They’re Running For Elected Office.

Although Kathy announced her candidacy before teacher strikes swept the country, she vehemently believes in the core issue of these strikes: years of budget cuts have left our public schools woefully underfunded. Kathy is proud to be featured in this article along with educators from all over the country who have decided to put education first by running for office. 


Politicized by Trump, Teachers Threaten to Shake Up Red-State Politics

Inspired by actions within the Trump administration, Kathy Hoffman along with other Arizona teachers are lining up to run for office. For Kathy, she was inspired to run when she watched the Betsy DeVos confirmation hearing. Learn more about her candidate story along with other Arizona teachers running for office like Christine Marsh. 


Democrats see Election Season Promise in Women

Kathy attended the "Hear us Roar" Women's Candidate Forum in Flagstaff to share her vision for quality public education in Arizona as well as her experience as a female candidate. Kathy was joined by several other female candidates who are running for positions across the state from U.S. Senate to the city council.


Kathy Hoffman: A Progressive Candidate for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction

Kathy had the opportunity to speak with David Gordon of Blog for Arizona about her progressive vision for improving our public education system. From advocating for students with special needs to promoting inclusivity for our schools, Kathy speaks candidly with David on her plans for education. Read_More_Button.png

The next generation: Mountain Ridge Senior Jumps into Politics at a Young Age

In an interview with Your Valley, Kathy and Jacob Sumner, a high school intern for the campaign, discuss their vision for politics and education in Arizona. Both Kathy and Jacob believe that young people play a crucial role in our politics. Learn more about their ideas on young people, politics, and education in this interview. 


Interview with She's Running

On this episode, Kathy Hoffman discusses the challenges that come with running a statewide campaign, while also working as a public school teacher. We hope you enjoy this candid conversation, as well as, come away with an understanding of the passion and dedication that goes into Kathy's fight for public education. Listen to her thoughts on this exciting episode! 



8 race for State Superintendent

At a joint school district governing boards meeting, superintendents and governing board members of the seven Verde Valley school districts round-table interviewed Kathy Hoffman and the seven other candidates for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Read More about what The Journal AZ is calling, the most contested race of the upcoming elections in November 2018.


AZ Blue Visits the Rim Country

AZ Blue covered Kathy's visit to the Payson where she outlined her three priorities for Arizona: invest in our students, prioritize and fight for the inclusion of all students, and increase pay for our educators.  


Candidate Coverage- Payson Roundup 

Speaking to the members of the Democrats of Rim County, Kathy announced her campaign theme "I am Public Education". Her announcement was part of an event where Democratic Candidates from around the state spoke on their core beliefs and campaign themes.  


Progressive Voices of Arizona

Don't miss Kathy Hoffman in part 2 of this episode with the hosts of Progressive Voices Viva Le Resistance. 




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