Our schools need reliable financial resources to ensure every child and young adult has access to high-quality academic programs, extracurriculars, and educators they need to succeed. 

Whether it's life skills programs that teach students in special education how to do basic day-to-day tasks or career education programs that prepare students for work, our schools need predictable and reliable funding to sustain critical programs.

That’s why Superintendent Hoffman advocated for an additional $50M for special education and launched a statewide special education cost study to determine what additional supports are needed. 

But right now, politicians are playing games with our students’ futures. Students, families, and educators are tired of these games. 

We need leaders who will fully focus on policies and investments to make our schools stronger by fully funding academic programs and hiring and fairly compensating the education professionals that students need and deserve.

Supt. Hoffman is that leader.

Kathy Hoffman


Arizona's State Superintendent of Public Instruction | Public School Speech Therapist | Visit my official #AZSuper account @supt_hoffman