As a new mom, Superintendent Hoffman knows that common-sense policies like paid parental leave are long overdue for our state's educators. 

As a profession dedicated to children and young adults, our schools should be the leaders of quality maternity and paternity leave.

But today, most educators in the state are faced with a troubling decision when they bring a newborn into the world: forgo thousands of dollars in pay in order to spend time with their new child, or resign. 

No one should be faced with this decision. That’s why Supt. Hoffman has been a longtime champion for paid parental leave and other family-centered policies. 

In office, she instituted expanded parental policies to allow all parents and guardians who are employees of the Arizona Department of Education to bring their infants to work with them. And in her second term, she will continue to be a forceful voice urging the Arizona Legislature to provide our schools with adequate funding so they can offer their employees paid parental leave. By doing so, our schools can do better at attracting teachers and assuring them of greater ability to thrive, both professionally and personally.

Kathy Hoffman


Arizona's State Superintendent of Public Instruction | Public School Speech Therapist | Visit my official #AZSuper account @supt_hoffman