Op-Eds by Supt. Kathy Hoffman

January 19th 2022

Gov. Doug Ducey could've thrown teachers a lifeline. He didn't even thank them

Opinion: Other governors are proposing major pay raises for teachers and calling in the National Guard to help with bus driver shortages. But not Gov. Doug Ducey.

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July 21st 2021

How to safely keep Arizona schools open, even if they can't mandate masks

Opinion: Parents, teachers and students have the power to act on their own, despite what some elected leaders have said, to keep schools open and safe, Arizona's education superintendent says.

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January 19th 2021

Why would Arizona lawmakers tell transgender athletes they don't belong now?

Opinion: Some lawmakers want to prevent transgender students from fully participating in school life at a time when they most need support.

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June 3rd 2020

Safety is our top priority in reopening Arizona schools. Here's how you can help

Opinion: Arizona schools provide so much more than just education. That's why we must develop plans to get kids safely back into the classroom. Op-ed with Cara Christ.

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October 14th 2020

Proposition 208 is a 'lifeline' for underfunded schools, state superintendent says

Opinion: Ignore the fraudulent claims in attack ads about Proposition 208 and education spending. The measure is a lifeline to our underfunded schools. It deserves your 'yes' vote.

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December 26th 2020

2020 has been a year of great loss for many, including me. Here's what we can do with it

Opinion: The start of a new year brings us a chance to consider how we treat one another. It is one of the few things we have in our control.

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November 17th 2019

Arizona is the only state with an English-only education law. It's time to repeal it

Opinion: Repealing the law had strong bipartisan support in the Arizona House but never got a vote in the Senate. I'm working to change that this year.

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News Articles

July 26th 2022

AZ Superintendent Kathy Hoffman talks new school year and primary election

"The last few years were the most challenging time for anyone working in our public education system,” said Kathy Hoffman, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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July 20th 2022

Arizona schools chief Kathy Hoffman again urges Legislature to waive spending cap

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman is again calling on the state legislature to waive a cap that limits the spending of money already allocated to school districts.

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July 19th 2022

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction calls to stop education funding cuts

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman is calling on state lawmakers to stop public school budget cuts, and with the new school year starting next month she says timing is everything.

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July 19th 2022

Arizona State Superintendent asks Gov. Ducey to resolve education spending cap

Superintendent Kathy Hoffman pleaded with Gov. Doug Ducey to call a special session regarding the funding cap on schools.

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June 4th 2022

$13.3 million awarded to build capacity rural schools

The Arizona Department of Education today announced targeted funding to build capacity in schools across the state, with a particular focus on rural schools.

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June 2nd 2022

UA program serving Native American communities gets $1.2M boost

A University of Arizona College of Education program that provides mentoring and educational resources to Arizona's Indigenous communities will extend its reach thanks to a $1.2 million grant from the Arizona Department of Education.

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May 31st 2022

Arizona Department of Education invests $5.1M in career development programs

The Arizona Department of Education announced last week it has awarded $5.1 million of federal recovery funds to three career development programs.

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May 30th 2022

Arizona Department of Education grants $10M to English Learners Program

The Arizona Department of Education announced Thursday its award of $10 million for an English Language Learners program through a collaboration with nonprofit WestEd.

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May 23rd 2022

Arizona allocates $29.2M aimed at assisting local education recovery efforts

The Arizona Department of Education on Wednesday announced it has allocated $29.2 million in federal funding aimed at assisting local education recovery efforts.

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May 17th 2022

Arizona education department awards $1.8M to support Native American programs

The Arizona Department of Education on Tuesday awarded nearly $2 million to two programs that support Native American students and their families.

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May 12th 2022

Arizona literacy programs get $11.6M from state education department

The Arizona Department of Education on Thursday announced $11.6 million in grants to three programs designed to help kids improve their reading skills.

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February 17th 2022

Arizona schools improving on student to counselor ratio

TUCSON (KVOA) - Despite lowering the student-to-counselor ratio from 905:11 to the new ratio of 716:1, Superintendent Kathy Hoffman said Arizona still far exceeds the recommended standard which is 250:1.

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February 9th 2022

Superintendent sounds alarm over $1.1 billion budget crisis

PHOENIX (KPHO) — Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman got right to the point during her “state of education” address Tuesday in front of the Senate Education Committee.

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February 9th 2022

Schools' spending cap is a 'ticking time bomb,' Arizona schools chief tells lawmakers

PHOENIX — Calling it a “ticking time bomb,” state schools chief Kathy Hoffman called out Republican lawmakers Tuesday for failing so far to ensure that schools across the state won’t have to cut spending by more than $1.15 billion in just three weeks.

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February 6th 2022

Kathy Hoffman on schools’ looming fiscal cliff

Arizona School Superintendent Kathy Hoffman discusses what needs to be done to avoid a looming fiscal cliff for public schools

February 1st 2022

Legislators not acting to prevent massive public school budget cuts in Arizona

If the Arizona State Legislature fails to act by March 1, public schools around the state will be forced to cut $1.2 billion in expenses for the current fiscal year. This is money the schools have already been allocated, budgeted for, and have in the bank. However, because of state law, they will not be legally able to spend these funds.

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January 20th 2022

Arizona schools chief Hoffman urges Legislature to act on spending limit measure

PHOENIX — Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman is worried politics and a noncommittal Legislature could jeopardize over $1.1 billion in school funding due to a 40-year-old spending limit.

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November 18th 2022

Arizona schools chief Kathy Hoffman, husband welcome 1st child

PHOENIX — Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman is now a mother.

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November 5, 2021

Renewal of Indian Education Policy ‘a step in the right direction’ for Indigenous education

Native American educators praised the Arizona State Board of Education and the Department of Education for renewing the state’s Indian Education Policy last month, a move they say moves toward improving education for Indigenous students.

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