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About Superintendent Kathy Hoffman

  • First educator elected as State Superintendent in over 20 years
  • Kathy Hoffman is an educator, a mother, and a proven leader
  • Kathy Hoffman is laser focused on the solving the most critical issues related to public education:
    • Retaining and recruiting qualified teachers
    • Supporting students’ academic recovery after the pandemic
    • Expanding at home access to internet for our students
    • Creating welcoming & inclusive schools for all our students
    • Supporting the mental health of our students & educators

List of accomplishments


About Tom Horne:

Tom Horne has a history of not only excusing the inexcusable, but rewarding it. Tom Horne’s first act as the Republican nominee for Superintendent of Public Instruction was to thank his campaign donor, David Stringer, who four decades ago was arrested for allegeding paying children for sex — including a "mentally defective or mentally incapacitated” child.  When asked if David Stringer was involved in his campaign, Horne responded “Absolutely” and then defended his friend’s actions both in the original interview and a few days later on radio show Gaydos & Chad

When Tom Horne was Superintendent and served on the State Board of Education, he voted twice to reinstate a teacher’s certification who resigned in 2002 after students reported him for looking at pornography on his classroom computer, the pornography also included minors in some instances. The teacher admitted to looking at inappropriate pictures of minors on several occasions, but Horne still defended his actions and voted to reinstate his teaching certification.