Just a few short months after Superintendent Hoffman was elected, she delivered her first State of Education at our capitol where she called for the repeal of the offensive and discriminatory law commonly referred to as “no promo homo”. 

This law banned sex education that “promoted a homosexual lifestyle,” and any teacher who violated it could have been fired or had their teaching certificate revoked. That’s why Supt. Hoffman used her State of Education address to highlight the detrimental effects of this outdated and dangerous law. Thanks to her leadership, and the work of countless LGBTQ+ activities and allies,  a bipartisan majority of lawmakers  repealed this legislation. 

Every child deserves to attend school where they are welcomed and confident that their teacher will provide them a discrimination-free education. 

Superintendent Hoffman was proud to bring awareness to this issue and to work with lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to put an end to this awful policy that plagued our state.